At the moment Per is busy with Gyllene Tider.

If you are bored and really don't know what to do with your lives, why not pop over to Snowfish and check out some great new Roxette videos, and photos.

Hiya folks!

Just a short note to say that Per Gessle on Facebook is like Coke - the Real Thing. Follow him! Then there's also Twitter where you can follow both Per and Roxette.

The staff

Via Tunecore you can now get the excellent album "Son of a Plumber" digitally in these stores:

# iTunes U.S.
# Rhapsody
# Napster
# eMusic
# Lala
# Shockhound
# LimeWire Store
# iTunes Australia/N.Z.
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Aftonbladet world premieres the Son of a Plumber video of "Shopping With Mother"!

Per Gessle feat. Son of A Plumber has written and recorded a new theme song for the TV-show "Boston Tea Party" which is shown on Swedish Kanal 5. "Shopping with Mother" will be premiered at the end of November. The single will be released November 28 with the following tracklist:

01. Pratar med min müsli (hur det än verkar) [Per Gessle]
02. Shopping With Mother (Theme from "Boston Tea Party")
03. Shopping With Mother (Voz Vibrante Remix)
04. Shopping With Mother (Mother's Dub by Voz Vibrante)

Check out the discography for the sleeve!

Don't miss the Swedish site for the new Per Gessle album www.enhandigman.se

Don't miss that the Rotary club of Helsingborg Landborgen has received a generous gift consisting of the following Gyllene Tider and Roxette album collections:

Gyllene Tider
Moderna Tider
The Heartland Café
Finn 5 fel!
GT Live.

Pearls of Passion
Look Sharp!
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Have a Nice Day
Room Service
Roxette Hits!
The Rox Box

All records have been signed by Per, and in Roxette's case, also by Marie.
These two collections will be auctioned off by Helsingborgs auktionsverk March 11, 2007 on behalf of Rotary's doctors bank. The doctors bank ships out Nordic doctors and dentists for one to two months' unpaid work in Africa - so far more than 160 people! The organization is totally non-profit and the money needed is raised by sponsorships and different kinds of fund-raisers, this being one of them.
Bids can be made via telephone or the Internet. Happy bidding!

Per's company Elevator Entertainment is about to release its first non-Gessle album. It's the most talented and lovely ms Helena Josefesson whose first solo-album "Dynamo" will be released through EMI February 28th.

Check out her myspace-site!

According to an interview broadcast today on Radio Halland Per reveals that he's working on a continuation of the Son of a Plumber project (as well as a new project in Swedish.)

Roxette celebrates the 20th Anniversary with the new single "One Wish" and with the album "Roxette Hits."

In the spring of 1986 Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson decided to record a single together, "Neverending Love." They called themselves Roxette and that was the beginning of a fantastic career with over 46 million albums and 25 million singles sold. A career that now reaches its 20th anniversary - and this has to be celebrated!
On October 18 "Roxette Hits" will be released. The album features their greatest hits and two new songs, which were recorded in Summer 2006. The first of them, "One Wish," which has been chosen as the first single, will start its airplay on September 20 and will be released on October 4.
The successful collaboration between Jonas Åkerlund and Roxette goes on and in the next days Jonas will start the shooting of the video for "One Wish."
Roxette's 20th Anniversary is also celebrated with the release of "The RoxBox '86-'06," a real goodie for all fans who thought "they had everything."
"It was great to work with Marie again! We had three fantastic days down in Skåne and we are very happy with the result. Everything was very easy, Clarence played the keyboards, Marie prepared some coffee and Christoffer and I played table hockey. I won," comments Per.

Phew! The Weather Gods must have taken some strange drugs. And mixed up the map. As you know we’re more or less used to greet the polar bears on the streets and wear mighty thick furcoats all year around where I come from. But this summer, suddenly, we have had to buy powerful sunlotion and invest in fancy sunglasses from the local petrol station to keep up. It’s been REALLY hot. Strange. But we’re learning to swim.

In musicland everything’s going smooth. We have mixed the two new Rox trax (no titles yet, sorry...) and both of them sound pretty good. So both of them will show up on the upcoming compilations. At the moment we’re discussing possible video scenarios. Did someone say Jonas Åkerlund? Will keep you posted on this.

Back to the beach.

Favourites in my iPod:
Nelly Furtado: Maneater
The Raconteurs: Steady, as she goes
Honeybus: I can’t let Maggie go
Negin: Take you away
Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance: Tell everyone
Pete Shelley: Homo sapien

PS2. If you wanna hear the Negin track.
Check out www.myspace.com/nordicrox

Praise the Lord!
Summer is here!
Even in Sweden!!

It’s been a great couple of weeks in the sun, school’s out for the little master and we’ve moved to the countryside, fumbling with the sun lotion and, believe it or not... I’ve been writing a lot of songs....

Marie and I (together with Christoffer, Clarence and Jens) spent a couple of days (and nights) in the Aerosol Grey Machine-studio recently recording two new tracks for the upcoming Rox hits-collection. It really sounds fantastic! Marie is in good shape, Christoffer is laughing all the time and Clarence has grown a beard!
I’ll let you know the song titles shortly. I know you’re curious, my neighbour is....

Also, we did a great photoshoot with our old pal Jonas Linell the other day in a bowling alley. Strike!

Anyway, hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are. Check out the new Marie-album that was released last week. It deserves your attention!

All the best

June 17, 2006

Son Of A Plumber just got his official myspace.com place!
Check it out at www.myspace.com/gessle
And don't forget to add us as a friend!

Good morning, spending some days in hip happy Halmstad after lots of travelling abroad.

New York was great, had several very positive meetings re Roxette and SOAP and it looks like we’re finally gonna find a Stateside-partner after all. You’ve heard it before but this time it’s for real. I hope....ha ha ha....will keep you posted on this, of course, as soon as something can get official.

“I like it like that” was just released to radio here in Sweden, I love this track and hope it will be treated nice.

Had quite a big press happening regarding Sirius Satellite Radio in Stockholm the other day. Tremendous response to a very interesting thing. Got some great press coverage (2 x front pages in Svenska Dagbladet, for instance...) and this is just the beginning....

Have a great weekend, I’m hitting the T&A palace later this afternoon with the mighty muscular mr Mats.


May 22, 2006


I just got back from Holland and Germany and I am on my way to New York.

SOAP, Rox and Sirius meetings are on the agenda for next week. Should and could be fun.

The latest promo trip was great. Great reception at radio, some really long and interesting interviews and the album is “album of the week” at several stations in Germany. Hooray! Not bad for a debut!

By the way, if you haven’t heard about Sirius in the states, check this out:

Just got invited to yet another BMI Awards show (this time in L.A.) but can’t go. It’s in mid-May and I have to be in Sweden. It’s “Listen to your heart” that have won some new award in the States.

More news after I’ve been to NYC.

Hi all!

Per lets us know that the next single off "Son of a Plumber" is "I Like It Like That" and it will be released May 17 in Sweden.

The B-side is "Plumber in progress #2" featuring:
1/ Are you an old hippie, sir?
2/ Late, later on
3/ Making love or expecting rain
4/ Brilliant career
5/ Brilliant career, alt refr
6/ Speed boat to Cuba
7/ Something happened today
8/ Ronnie Lane
9/ Carousel
10/ Come back tomorrow (And we do it again)


- “The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you, dear Prrruuuuudd…..”

Yea, we all know the song. It’s such a beauty!

And hey, the sun is actually shining over Stockholm, it’s a lovely town when the weather Gods are on our side!

Thought you might like to get some fresh muzak in your iPods before the weekend so here comes the 1995 demo of “Keep the radio on (this is the perfect song)”.

You’ll hear The Mighty Michael South on drums, MP on bass and Yours Truly playing all guitars and voices. It’s a Tits & Ass recording of course. Made with a smile.

The story: The song itself was written for Gyllene Tider back in 1980 (called “Gå hem innan du lägger dej” which means something like “Go home before you go to bed”…) but GT never used it. Mainly because of the terrible Swedish lyrics if I remember the history right. However, it was recorded by the Lonely Boys for the LB album but I’m sure y’all heard that! And just recently it became rejected once more when we mixed the SOAP album. That version is available through iTunes as well as on the vinylversion of the SOAP-album but it didn’t really make me tick, so i left it out of the garden!

Now, I promise you, I will leave the song alone. At least for the rest of this year!

Enjoy, play loud and have a great weekend!



Sunny Sthlm April 21, 2006

PS. New single will be released very soon; “I like it like that” b/w “Plumber in progress #2”.


Howdy y’all!

Spending some hours in Stockholm between lovely Madrid and Helsinki where I’m bound tomorrow. Spain was a treat as always, you fans who showed up at the airport and at the radiostation are definitely something special, I was having a great time. The reception of the album is, by the way, superb, I didn’t expect anything like this. The media seem overwhelmed and smiling faces are to be seen everywhere. I did about 15 face-to-face interviews (with an interpreter…) so i guess the whole country is covered by now. Let’s hope the radio will jump on the boat very soon. And rumour has it I might even pop back to do some huge TV-show later on...

Tomorrow it’s Suomi! A tuff schedule for Friday, Saturday the band will join me for a TV-performance of Hey Mister DeeJay. I’m playing a red Guild!! Should be fun.

Finland is a great country. Kimi is a great driver.

More to come…

PS. Great news: the album jumped to #12 (from #23) on the Swedish album chart. Heading for double platinum (120,000) anytime soon...

Let us present to you the Hey Mr DJ video!

I’m pleased to inform you that It Must Have Been Love is included on the debut album by the band Journey South. It entered the UK album chart at #1 this week and looks set to be #1 or #2 next week. The album has sold 255,000 units to date. The band came second in the current ‘Pop Idol’ TV series.



We've gotten hold of The Plum inbetween his promotion trips abroad and asked him a few questions on Rox20:

How do you feel about Roxette 20 years really, the best and the worst of these first 20?

"It feels excellent even though we've slowed down some these last few years. The best thing is of course the huge response from our audience, everywhere on planet Earth, different religions, skin color, political values... they all like 'The Look' and 'It Must Have Been Lunch'. Amazing. The worst things are that time passes so fast. And that I never learn how to play solos."

What do you miss accomplishing with Roxette?

"Nothing really, it would be fun to play more concerts and record more albums. We'll see what happens."

So, about the RoxBox, can you enlighten us a little about what will be in it?

"It will contain the best of what we've accomplished so far, plus hard-to-get stuff, (like the Abbey Road Sessions '95). A DVD with, among other things, hopefully MTV Unplugged from '93. And possibly a bonus-CD with 20 demos..."

Björn & Benny (from ABBA) hate releasing demos, you are quite the contrary, why is that?

"I didn't know they felt that way. I think demos are interesting so you can figure out how a song came to. I guess I'm a bigger nerd than they are."

Tell us more about the new Greatest Hits album. Of course you can't tell about the new material as it doesn't exist yet, but what will make the cut?

"A single CD, with our biggest hits, plus one or two new tracks. Some are whining about another compilation, but Roxette's music gets more and more airplay in the world (trust me, I see the royalty figures!) and we get new fans all the time and new generations want to buy the albums. That's why we release new, updated collections in regular intervals. The alternative would be that people would have to try to get our records among the catalogue selection and there you very easily get lost.
If you have a problem with another compilation, my tip is to skip this purchase and put your money on your local women's soccer team instead."

Since you will be recording in the Aerosol Grey Machine, how do you think this will affect your sound? Will it be softer like "Mazarin," "Finn5fel!" and "Son of a Plumber" or something completely different?

"Wow, dunno. I hope we get lots of '80s and sounds of sunshine."

So do we, Per, so do we!

Son of a Plumber has received an official statement regarding fanclubs:

"After many discussions we have decided not to have an official fanclub - we
hope that the existing websites (gessle.com, sonofaplumber.com, roxette.se, gyllenetideronline.com) will be sufficient communities for the fans
and through these we will do our utmost to supply information and activities
to keep everybody happy."

Kind regards
Marie (Dimberg)

It's 20 years ago Roxette started conquering the world with the hit single "Neverending Love." Per and Marie finally go official with the info that this will be celebrated with a few new tracks! This summer they will travel to the now famous studio that produced "Mazarin," "Finn5fel!" and "Son of a Plumber," namely Christoffer Lundquist's - the Aerosol Grey Machine. How the new Roxette will sound is not yet determined as Per hasn't written any songs yet. "That will have to be on my spare time" Per says. Per also confirms, once again, that the infamous "RoxBox" will be released for the anniversary.

EMI's press release states the following:

EMI Sweden confirms all the articles about Roxette's coming projects in a press release today. Roxette will release a Greatest Hits album with one or two new songs that Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will record together this summer. "It will be really great to go into the studio with Marie again," Per lets us know from Vienna, where he's doing Son of a Plumber promotion at the moment. "It's been a fantastic journey and I'm so happy to continue it together with her."
In addition to this Greatest Hits album there will be "The Rox Box" - a collector's box with the substantial Roxette history; the hits, previously unreleased material et. cetera, consisting of three CDs and a bonus DVD. "Twenty years, it feels like yesterday," Per concludes. "Time flies when you're having fun!"
The releases are planned for October.

Son of a Plumber.es has opened its doors. Please feel free to have a look.
Son of a Plumber.es

So... Sunday evening. It’s been a great day, blue sky and almost spring in the air.

Woke up early to get to the “Nyhetsmorgon” TV-show.

It went OK, had a chat with lovely Tilde for about 15 minutes as well as showing the Hey mr DJ-clip to the world for the first time.

Nothing sensational in the interview but I got the chance once more to tell everyone that I think the Son of a Plumber-album is the most important and personal record in my life (so far), something I guess every artist/writer wants to create. At least once.

The reception I get regarding the video-clip is really good. That’s nice cos I like it a lot. The kids in it are so cool. Even Clarence looks good.

Tomorrow there’s an extremely early rise (5 A.M.) to get to the airport and more European promotion. This week I’ll haunt Cologne, Vienna and Brussells.

Should be fun.
P. March 19, 2006

Great reading: Paul Zollo’s “Conversations with Tom Petty”. What a guy!
Great music: the latest Rosie Thomas album. Especially “Pretty dress”. Beautiful!

The video of "Hey Mr DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song)," directed by Daniel Börjesson, is finished and will have its world premiere on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday. Nyhetsmorgon starts at 08:59 CET and ends at 11:00 and Per is scheduled to appear at approximately 10:15.

Liar! Yes, i know... but I thought I told the truth when i told you I didn’t have anymore demos from the SOAP-project. But look what I found! The first version of Jo-Anna says with a totally different verse (Clarence hated it!). I re-wrote just in time for the real recording….. Sorry ‘bout this f##k-up…. but better late than never…..

P. (no brains left….)
Sthlm, March 16, 2006

PS. By the way, just came home from a couple of days of promo in Germany & Switzerland. I had a blast. Great day yesterday, I did 14 (!) interviews in Zurich and Jo-Anna is happening on the radio!!! Hallelujah!


Aftonbladet TV was attending the video shoot of DJ, here is the interview, with some snippets from the video.

Vote for The Plum in Austria.

Per chatted at the Internet portal BlueWin in Switzerland today. Check out the questions and answers (?) here.

The video of "Hey Mr DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song)," directed by Daniel Börjesson, is finished and will have its world premiere on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday. Nyhetsmorgon starts at 08:59 CET and ends at 11:00.
TV4's site doesn't mention it yet, but Per will be a guest on the show and he will present the new video.

Friendz, hope all is well with y’all this beautiful winter’s day.

Just thought you’d like to know... next week the Son of a Plum will begin the European promotion, starting with TV in jolly Germany (Chartbreak-Hotel) where we will be doing Jo-Anna says for your eyes and ears. Then it’s a day of meeting the press in Zurich. All in the name of colourful entertainment!

And more to come...

March 10, 2006
PS. Don’t forget the Formula One season starts on Sunday!

Here's some pictures from the video shoot... enjoy!

(click for larger pictures)

So... yesterday was a big day in the adventurous life of the Son of a Plumber!

The first ever video shoot took place!

I was joined at Filmhuset in Stockholm by director Daniel Börjesson and his producer Alexander, Fredrik the camera guy and lots and lots of other new and old acquaintances, all very talented, all very tired when Alexander’s “that’s a wrap!”-yell was heard in the middle of the night…. Oh yea!

The idea was, as always, vague but interesting…. psychedelica meets Alice in Wonderland in a freak show environment.

Clarence did a great job lifting weights in a silly costume, Magnus got knives thrown at him (scary….) 10 kids, most of them from Gabriel’s school played violins and trumpets and drums, all looking very handsome and jolly…. Helena played a puppet on a string, Christoffer wore a top hat and I wore a tie. And the coffee was good.

We certainly had a blast.

I guess some footage might be in the media today since there were 2 TV-crews attending. And the clip will be ready, willing and able late next week. That’s the plan anyway….


PS. Check out the new Merz-album. Very good.

The contest! The winner!
Anne from Mantorp, certainly a very nice person and a serious fan of drag racing (how can you NOT like a girl like that?) came out the strongest out of all the many many contesters in this most prestigious competition of them all “The Son of a Plumber goes to London with a fan”!

(click for larger pictures)

Spending some time in the On the beat Records-record store, picking up the Tom Petty-bootleg I’m holding on the album sleeve as well as a Knickerbockers vinyl album (Anne bought a Johnny & the Hurricanes LP!!!!) and going to an Italian place for lunch (great pizza, great Barolo) Anne and myself were joined by Nicklas (Anne’s mate) and Johan (from EMI Svetski) and we had a great couple of hours before yours truly had to return to Stockholm. Thanks Anne & Nicklas for being so nice (good luck with all the babies) and thanks to all of you who participated in the competition.
More to follow, I promise.


On the Beat Revisited!
Just came back from a sunny and very nice London and yet another visit to the record store where we shot the album cover. This time in the company of Anne, the winner of the EMI Son of a Plumber–contest I’m sure you know about. More of this later in a day or two.

Just wanted to let you know that I found the record I’m holding on the album cover. It’s a Tom Petty-bootleg from 1978 called “Tearjerker”. Now everyone can go back to sleep.

P., Feb 19 2006

New releases coming up. The first release will be released on iTunes only, and only in Scandinavia to begin with. The second release will be released to all digital sound providers. Both will be released April 3.

Son Of A Plumber - Son Of A Plumber (the iTunes Edition)

1. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her
2. Jo-Anna Says
3. I Have A Party In My Head [I Hope It Never Ends]
4. C'mon
5. Week With Four Thursdays
6. Hey Mr DJ [Won’t You Play Another Love Song]
7. Late, Later On
8. Ronnie Lane
9. Are You An Old Hippie, Sir?
10. Double-Headed Elvis
11. Something In The System
12. Speed Boat To Cuba
13. Come Back Tomorrow [And We Do It Again]
14. Kurt – The Fastest Plumber In The West
15. I Never Quite Got Over The Fact That The Beatles Broke Up
16. Substitute [For The Real Deal]
17. Waltz For Woody
18. Carousel
19. I Like It Like That
20. Something Happened Today
21. Brilliant Career
22. Burned Out Heart
23. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her [Reprise]
24. Making Love Or Expecting Rain
25. Jo-Anna Says Farewell
26. Keep The Radio On [This Is The Perfect Love Song] (previously only on vinyl)
27. A Girl Like You (previously unreleased)
28. Plonk (previously unreleased)

Son Of A Plumber - Dancing Plumber Vol.1

1. Hey mr DJ (Love-for-sale remix)
2. Hey mr DJ (Jimmy Monell Treatment)
3. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up (Jimmy Monell Short Treatment)
4. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up (Jimmy Monell Long Treatment)

The new date for the European release of the album "Son of a Plumber" is March 27. The album will be released at the end of April in Germany. There is still no word from EMI United Kingdom. It seems Brazil and Argentina will also release it, but no dates are known yet. Japan is still uncertain.

The album has been confirmed in these countries so far (please note that March 27 does not apply for all of them):

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa

St Valentine’s day, Feb 14 – 2006

Friends... let’s celebrate this wonderful and important day with some new jolly music! The only two existing Son of a Plumber-demos are at your service!!

I started working on “I like it like that” with some, quite annoying, drum-loop in mind. It all put me in a somewhat bad mood. Drum-grooves usually do! However I really adored the song and did an acoustic version the very same day at the Tits&Ass studio. Here it is! I think I’ve changed the lyrics a bit along the way.

“Something in the system” was a slight mistake so I didn’t want to use it at all. I never really liked it, dunno why. But when the medley-idea came up (I guess it was Clarence’ brilliant brain at work!!) I thought it would fit quite well. Shorter, more in-your-face, like a nice little bridge between “Double-headed Elvis” and “Speed boat to Cuba”. This is how it sounded when it was born.

So how come these are the only two existing Son of a Plumber-demos? Well, neither one of them were intended for the project! Both of them were recorded in January 2002 and at the time, of course, the S.O.A.P.-beast wasn’t even invented! So these tunes were written for the Roxette compilations, Ballad Hits & Pop Hits. In the same four-week period I did demos for “A thing about you” and “Breathe” as well. There you go!



Well, whaddayaknow, DJ enters the official Swedish Top 40 chart at #12 as "newcomer of the week!" "How fun!!!" Per comments. James Blunt tops the chart for the second week in a row with Goodbye My Lover.
The official Top 40 chart show reaches more than 512,300 listeners every week, to be compared with the very popular radio show "Tracks" which reaches 319,200 listeners.

Further info about the European releases is that Germany will release the album at the end of April, "EMI Germany seem very enthusiastic and want to do lots of radio with this," Per comments. He also says that Jo-Anna Says will be the first single in Germany, with C'mon as the B-side. The rest of Europe (except the UK) goes with Hey Mr DJ, but only as a promo single for starters, therefore no B-side has been chosen yet, should the release become commercial.
And finally, Canada will also release the album!

Regarding the singles to be released in Europe; they will be digital singles initially, and unless they become a "super radio hit" no physical singles will be produced.

Saturday Feb11, 2006... Stockholm calling...
Howdy friends! Just came back from a very interesting couple of days in Italy and I felt like updating you a bit on what’s going on in my living room!

Well, upcoming weekend I’ll be in London with some lucky (?) SOAP-winners, having a nice lunch, going to the record store where we shot the album sleeve etc. Should be fun!

The week after that we’ll shoot a video-clip for “Hey mr DJ” which is gonna be the first single in most European countries. There will be a video for “Jo-Anna says” as well since EMI Germany fell in love with that one!!! As expected, I chose Daniel Börjesson to direct. He’s extremely talented and we got on really well doing the documentary which you have probably seen by now. If not, you can download it from the opening page of this site.

Also, we have now decided to have a commercial release of the “Hey mr DJ”-remixes due to the fact that so many people seem to like them. Whoopee!

What else? It certainly is a beautiful day here in Sthlm, too bad I’m a worthless skater… and, oh, I’ve been in the studio making some new demos. In English AND Swedish. There you go!

Mister Gee.

On public demand, here are some samples from the upcoming promotion single of "Hey Mr DJ." The first snippet is the much talked about "Love for sale" remix made by Clarence, Christoffer and Jimmy (Shooting Star). Per comments it as being "a beauty". The second, more dance oriented, track is remixed by Jimmy Monell, the guy that does all those nifty remixes for Roxette. Therefore the name of it is the "Jimmy Monell Treatment." These both tracks will most likely be available as legal downloads sometime soon.

Love-For-Sale Remix :

Jimmy Monell Treatment :

On Monday February 13 a 3-track promo of "Hey Mr DJ (Won't you play another love song)" will be shipped to the radio stations.

Track list:
01: Original Version
02: Love-For-Sale Remix
03: Jimmy Monell Treatment

Sad to say but this will probably not be released to the public...

"yea yea yea!, nobody's perfect! i found this on a, believe it or not, worn-out old fashioned music-cassette with chewing gum on it! this low-fi recording was made in the middle of the night minutes after the song was written in the kitchen at the aerosol grey machine studio, late january 2003. it was extremely cold outside but christoffer's and ylva's cat was purring and we all needed another uptempotrack on the record.... so this idea came up (i re-wrote the chorus the next day)..... sorry to keep you all waiting but... here we are at last.... the completed mazarin..."
- the son, jan 19 ´06

" -yep!, this was on the same cassette. can't remember writing this though.....must've been VERY late..... "
- the son, jan 19 ´06 (a little later)

What is Per talking about? New demos of course! Head straight to Bad Hair Day's page!

Guys and dolls (to quote the Man); the new single is here soon - February 1. As previously announced it will be the Burt Bacharach-inspired duet Hey Mr DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song) this time around. Per sings it together with Helena Josefsson.
Per told earlier about the b-side, called Plumber in Progress #1 where he sings Substitute with Gabriel no less...
Some more info here ».

(PS. This is a Swedish release only, more news about the first European single later.)

The Editor

- ”Oooops!, look what I found in the drawer!! I totally forgot about this one! Looking back, I remember I didn’t feel very comfortable with the lyrics and I definitely thought I could write a better and more interesting melodyline.
But I did like the guitar riff and the overall Blondie-feel to it. All in all though, it’s quite terrible!!!”

The Plum, Jan 16, 2006


Under the banner "Bad hair day" www.sonofaplumber.com will release interesting Per Gessle-related stuff like demos, outtakes, etc etc. Even some famous songs with silly guide lyrics might pop up... who knows what the future will bring!

And... just in case that wasn't enuff to satisfy your curious mind... here's the good news: You're allowed to download it... for free!

Being an extremely productive artist for decades, of course Mr Gessle's drawers are bursting with ultra hard-to-get material and so far he has kept it all to himself. But here's a chance, almost unheard of, to peek into this most creative room very few people have entered before. Which means that once in a while we'll present some goodies from the high end of Scandinavian pop culture, straight from the lion's den into cyberspace for your dancing and listening pleasure.

So... where shall we start? Well, since it's Mr Gee's birthday today, let's be gentle and generous. How about all the demos that exist from the entire Mazarin-album? Hmmm... not bad... not bad at all...

The Editor.

PS. And yeah, we've provided a CD-sleeve as well. Use your imagination and a pair of scissors!


Per says:
- "I've got boxes and drawers of so many songs & ideas & rubbish lying around my house and I just felt like sharing all this with you guys out there! I guess it's basically for the hardcore fan, but still, it's kinda interesting if you're into the mesmerizing enigma of songwriting...
I start with "Mazarin" because I made lots of demos for that particular album. However, a few songs were written in the studio so no demos exist for the two colourful and epic statements "Smakar på ett regn" & "Spegelboll"...

According to STIM Per has had 651 (!) songs registered with them during his career. That's basically a new song every two weeks...


Everyone has bad hair days, even Per... This specific Bad Hair Day has resulted in a new, exciting project! Tomorrow (on his birthday) Per Gessle releases previously unreleased, older, material as Bad Hair Day on this very site - for free! You even get the sleeve, although you have to download that as well and print it. Yes, no catch involved, you get "new" songs for free, and Per gets to be a happier person.
You might say that Per is the one giving gifts this year, instead of receiving them...
Check this site for further info.

Ringtones available! Choose between Son Of A Plumber », Roxette », Per Gessle » and Gyllene Tider ».
(This service only works in Scandinavia!)

A Fender Stratocaster signed by Per was auctioned off at a charity auction for "Adopt-A-Minefield"; the guitar was sold for $750 to a lucky Swede!
Adopt-A-Minefield »

Hello World! Hope you've had a great xmas wherever you've been!
Here are some brief news for y'all: The next single (in Sweden) from the Son of a Plumber album will be (no surprise here...) Hey mr DJ (won't you play another love song). The single will most likely go to radio mid January since Jo-Anna says is still riding high in the radiocharts.... The commercial release will be annonuced shortly (the people at EMI are still eating christmas pudding and drinking ale...). The "b-side" will be an 8 minute collage of extremely puritan homerecordings (how out of tune can you get without blushing?) while putting down ideas for the S.O.A.P-album. I've called this masterpiece "Plumber in progress #1". This will feature Gabriel and me jamming on Substitute, lousy guidelyrics beyond belief to several songs etc etc.
All for your ears and imagination to enjoy!
See you in 2006!!

Check out the interview with Per published on Christmaseve in HallandsPosten ».

Oh and by the way, the European release of Son of a Plumber is set for March 6.

Check out this exclusive interview with Per at the new site gradvall.se, by one of Per's favorite columnists; Jan Gradvall.

Forgot to mention that Per appeared with an interview on SVT "Godmorgon Sverige" this morning.
You can watch the interview online here.

Just a quick one to say merry xmas and an extremely happy new 2006 to y’all reading, writing, commenting, discussing, puking-on/pouring-love-on the new sonofaplumber homesite.

It’s been a very exciting year for me releasing the plumbers’ “debut album” as well as doing numerous in-stores and teevee-performances. Next year will see an international release of the album as well as promotion trips to x and y. And.... don’t forget Roxette... after all Rox is having its 20-year anniversary... cake anybody?

Anyway, hopefully we’ll meet up somewhere along the line!

So... cheers to you!
See ya next year,
luv from The Plum

Son of a Plumber performed "Jo-Anna Says" and "Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her" on tonight's Bingolotto on Swedish TV4.

Son of a Plumber has been nominated for a Grammis (the Swedish Grammy) - Best Male Pop Artist. The Grammis gala will be held February 7.

Good afternoon, just woke up after a few hours sleep. I needed that, we had an early rise this morning since The Son Of A Plum Unplugged Combo made its’ world premiere at Nyhetsmorgon, Swedish TV4. Last night we rehearsed Hey mr DJ four times around my big black piano and it sounded terrific immediately. Probably because I wasn’t playing, just singing…And it worked really well this morning too. You can find the whole morning show via this link.

Check it out if you dare! First we do Hey mr DJ + interview, approx one hour later I do another interview + Party in my head. Unfortunately Jens couldn’t be with us due to other commitments outside the plumbing world. Something to do with girls probably. Gotta go, it’s Saturday!

P., 10 dec 2005

The album is still NUMBER ONE (for the second week) in the Swedish albumchart!!
And Jo-Anna is making her way to the TOP 3 in the official airplay chart!!
I’m so happy! I’m so proud!
Thanks all of you for your support and generous love and care!
Dec 8, 2005

Guys! Dolls!
Just a quick update of what’s going on in the Plumbing World!
2 more instores have been added; Skivlagret, Halmstad on Friday 16th and Skivfyndet, Frölundatorg outside Gothenburg on Saturday 17th.

I’ll be there in my Santa look!

What else? Well, it seems like more and more people are getting hooked to the Plumbing Album. It pleases me of course, it’s a very special record that needs some time to “get used to”. And that’s the whole idea, I wanted it to have a certain “temperature” and a unique vibe, not just 2 or 3 songs that you can singalong to while drinking lukewarm beer. Hallelujah!

And yes, at least 2 more TV-shows before xmas will be made. Nyhetsmorgon on Swedish TV4 this Saturday morning December 10 and then next weekend, Sunday 18th, I’ll be in your face again at Bingolotto. Also TV4 (very happening channel!)

And I think we’ll do different songs this time, will decide on Friday...
Beep beep
December 7, 2005

PS. If you have an hour to spend and wanna hear a great interview from the past, check this out. It’s Jann Wenner (founder of Rolling Stone) talking to John Winston L.


Son of a Plumber shoots straight into the #1 spot on the Swedish album chart today!

Read Per's chat at Aftonbladet.

Oh yea! Awright! Over 4,000,000 times the jolly American radio stations have played “It must have been lunch”. Unbelievable! And “Listen to your heart” received a dance award!!! I wouldn’t have put my money on that one ten years ago...

So, as you might have guessed, we had a great time in London at the BMI Awards at the Dorchester Hotel last night. As you probably know by now sweet Marie and a very smart looking MP joined Åsa and me, drinking champagne, gossiping, talking to old heroes. Jack Bruce of Cream , for instance, was there (listen to “White room” if you haven’t heard it…) and Steve Winwood (listen to Blind Faith’s version av “Can’t find my way home”... soooo good...) received the BMI Icon Award.

Well deserved, Stevie!!!

While in Londres, I also managed to sneak in and watch mr Åkerlund’s brand new & brilliant Madonna-movie “I want to tell you a secret”. Very good if you ask me. I’m not the biggest Madonna-fan in the world but this one was very special. And Jonas is still a genius!

Ciao, P.
Nov 30, 2005

Howdy folks! Just wanted to say hi and check if you’ve found the new soap-website cool! I think it looks fab! Thanks David for doing an outstanding job!! And there’s more to come, I promise you, keep a close watch!

So the album’s out and I’m EXTREMELY pleased with the reception I’ve got so far...

I do think it’s the most personal and also the most beautiful record I’ve been involved in, there are several tunes I think are my best ever…. for what it’s worth...

The two instores last week were great, thanks for all the spiritual singing and the good vibes you’re throwing at me all the time. Just came home from jolly Oslo and now I’m off to London to pick up BMI-awards for It must have been love (over 4 million airplays in the US) + Listen to your heart (over 2 million).

Should be fun! And MP is there!
See ya around
Nov 27, 2005

Win a Creative ZenPhoto mp3-player loaded with music chosen by Per!
EMI's Plumber site. Contest open for Swedes only.

Catch Per Gessle live on P4 Stockholm. The interview will be broadcast Monday Nov. 28 at 12:30.

Give "Per Gessle/Son Of A Plumber" your vote for "Rockbjörnen 2005" at aftonbladet.se/rockbjornen/ Per has received 13 Rockbjörnen so far, but of course he can use a few more...

The new album has already sold platinum! In spite of the bold name-change and another double a-sided single, the album hasn't sold only gold, but platinum as well (60,000 copies).

So the album is officially out, here are a few of the first reviews.

Norrbottens Kuriren
The Daily Roxette "Great album!"
Aftonbladet "No main theme"
Sydsvenskan "Why, Gessle?"
Hallandsposten "Straight into pop-nostalgia"
Svenska Dagbladet "Worth to be taken seriously"
GP "Soft and full of references..."
Hallands Nyheter "Probably the #1 seller this Christmas"
Expressen "Lovable ego trip"
Nerikes Allehanda "Amazing results!"
Norrköpings Tidningar
Dagens Industri "Gessle's most personal"
Stockholm City "Gessle's intuition saves it"

Website online...and this is just the beginning!

Huge thanks to Thomas Evensson & Judith Seuma for all the help with contents and moderating the forum!

Per will sign at Bengans in Gothenburg Nov 24 at 17:00, and at Åhlens City in Stockholm Nov 25 at 16:00.

On Sunday the 27th, Per and Son of A Plumber will be on TV, both TV1 and TV3. On TV1 he will be in "TV-huset", at 18:15. And on TV3 there will be the 13-minute long video recorded this fall down in Skåne by Daniel Börjesson. It airs at 19:45.

For the first time ever, Son of a Plumber appeared on stage. They performed C'mon at Fotbollsgalan (The Soccer Gala) in Stockholm. The performance was lipsynced though.

Son of a Plumber will perform at 100-årsfesten (The 100 Year Party) in Oslo November 26. The 100-årsfest is a Norwegian celebration of being free of the union with Sweden for 100 years. Lots of Swedish and Norwegian artists will perform, and the Norwegian Royal family will attend the party. Ticket price is a mere 25 NOK.

Today the single was released to the radio in Sweden. So far Radio Rix has added Jo-Anna Says to their playlist. More info to follow. The single will be available in stores Nov. 9.

The new single by Son of a Plumber can already be found online. Both songs are easily available in full, however, with periods of silence inserted. Most probably someone has ripped a prelistening CD. Per comments: "this is something you probably have to live with."

Check out Son Of A Plumber on SVT Musikbyrån.

Son Of A Plumber will participate in this year's edition of "Fotbollsgalan" on November 14.

The countdown has begun, we'll release one trackname each day!

It's been 15 years since the movie "Pretty Woman" entered the scene, and with that, the now classic song "It Must Have Been Love." Of course, in Sweden the song was released in 1987 already, as "It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)," - Roxette's Christmas single. BMI, one of two organizations like STIM in the US, has now announced that "It Must Have Been Love" has now been played more than four million times on US radio. Per Gessle will therefore get another award from BMI for this. Per comments "It's of course unbelievable." Four million times is about 36 years non-stop playing...

But that's not all, Per Gessle and MP Persson will also receive an award from BMI for "Dance Song of the Year" regarding "Listen to Your Heart," as these two gentlemen are the writers of the hit. The song has passed the limit for platinum with more than 352,000 downloads.

In Europe "Listen to Your Heart" by D.H.T. is on the top 10 in Holland and in France.

The awards will be presented in London, November 29.

Preorder the Son Of A Plumber album »